Dubai is the richest country in the United Arab Emirates, so the Dubai Labor Export is increasingly attracting Vietnamese workers not only on low cost, high salary but also extremely easy conditions… So should I go to Dubai labor export 2019? Let’s find out together!

Should I go to Dubai labor export 2019?

Overview of the market of Dubai labor export 2019 – Not only “notorious” in the region but Dubai also stormed the international arena with its playability. Dubbed the most luxurious city in the world with skyscrapers, unique entertainment services, everything is luxurious, …

To meet the number of skyscrapers, resorts majestic, strange services, … that Dubai constantly “pull” foreign workers to work here.

XKLĐ Dubai 2019 – TẤT TẦN TẬT về điều kiện, thủ tục, chi phí, mức lương

Every year, 30,000 foreign workers come to Dubai to work.

According to statistics, every year Dubai recruits about 30,000 foreign workers – a small number, affirming the opportunity for Vietnamese workers to “escape from poverty” on your land.

Are conditions difficult to travel to Dubai 2019? Although it is a famous rich country, the selection criteria are not as strict as some countries in Japan, Korea, Europe, …

XKLĐ Dubai 2019 – TẤT TẦN TẬT về điều kiện, thủ tục, chi phí, mức lương

Conditions for going to Dubai labor export 2019

  • Workers aged between 18 and 35 years old with industries that need skilled and experienced workers are taken to the age of 40.
  • Want to go to work in Dubai. laws in Dubai and good morality and personality
  • Sufficient health conditions required by employers and in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
  • Especially non-target workers banning exit according to legal regulations, prohibiting entry under the statutes of the law of Emirate Dubai.

How much does it cost to go to Dubai labor export 2019?

The cost of going to labor export Dubai is very affordable of Vietnamese workers

– It can be said that the cost of going to Dubai labor export 2019 is very suitable with the budget of Vietnamese workers, a figure not too large fluctuates only around $ 2,000. About 50 million, lower than many other labor export markets

– Because Dubai market is almost like Taiwan labor export market is considered an easy market, for families that belong to poor households or If they want to participate in the labor export program to reduce poverty, they can still borrow from the bank’s policy to participate.

– Besides workers working in Dubai must work on wages and must Paying expenses before going to Dubai to work includes the cost of training in Vietnam.

  • Expenses include: Labor export service fee
  •  Brokerage – Judicial record, passport
  • Visa fee
  •  Flight ticket
  • Tuition fees for knowledge, foreign language, professional training
  • Health examination
  •  Overseas employment support fund.

Is the salary going to Dubai labor export 2019 high?

XKLĐ Dubai 2019 – TẤT TẦN TẬT về điều kiện, thủ tục, chi phí, mức lương

Is the salary going to Dubai labor export 2019 high?

Up to this point, Vietnam has brought more and more workers to Dubai market to work with various industries such as shipbuilding, construction, engineering, motel services, restaurants, beauty, and super spa areas. Marketing, family help, protection …

With the average monthly salary of Dubai, labor export is 600 USD / month and skilled labor is 750 USD / month. In addition, the workers here are guaranteed accommodation with good living conditions. –

The special thing about the Dubai market is that it is considered the most luxurious city in the world but the cost of living of people labor here is extremely cheap. A month when workers lost only $ 100 for their living expenses.

What is the procedure for going to labor export Dubai 2019?

XKLĐ Dubai 2019 – TẤT TẦN TẬT về điều kiện, thủ tục, chi phí, mức lương

Want to go to Dubai labor export 2019, what procedures must be done?


Workers participating in the Dubai labor export program must register and submit working papers to companies, service enterprises or organizations, and individuals licensed by the Department of Overseas Labor Permit to bring workers to work. work abroad.

Recruitment and training labor

After registering and submitting the application, the employees will have to go to a health examination to ensure that they can join the order and then select the order that is suitable with their own wishes and take the exam directly. The industry will directly check workers’ skills and foreign languages. Knowledge training, visa/visa application for working in Dubai.

Pre-exit training

Contract signing and waiting for departure date

Should I go to Dubai labor export 2019?

As you know, the cost of labor export in Dubai is quite low, so many workers can borrow in their ability to work, but the risk is quite low, especially the conditions of travel are low, so the workers have no hands. profession, high age, … can still be walked. However, the wage level for labor export in Dubai is not high, only half of the salary of the Japanese labor export market – the market is being chosen by the Vietnamese labor force most.

If compared to the cost, the Japanese labor export market. Although the village has a higher fee, in return you will get higher wages, better remuneration and especially higher job opportunities when returning home.

Above is all the necessary information. If you want to register for the Dubai 2019 Labor Export program, I hope that through the article you can determine your direction. Wish you find the road soon!










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