Dubai has always been a desirable destination for many people. Because Dubai owns many massive works, magnificent and class. In addition, Dubai is the chosen place to live and work for many people, because there are many attractive job opportunities here. A country where the value of human rights is highly respected and legal, a country with a crime rate of 0%.

To be able to live and work in Dubai smoothly, you should keep in mind some. The following:

The dressing should be tight

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Although considered to be very liberal compared to other countries in the Middle East, the people of Dubai still keep their clothes in disguise. For women, it is not allowed to use short, transparent clothes in public places. Men ‘s costumes also need to be discreet without chest opening. It is more comfortable at the beach and in the swimming pools of the hotel, but sunbathing is not welcome.

Pre-marital relations are considered illegal 

The crime rate in Dubai is very low because Dubai law is very strict and there are strict penalties for violators. Pre-marital relations are strictly prohibited, including foreigners of any country, who come to live in Dubai. In fact, even if you live with your partner for years, you can’t be considered legal while living and working in Dubai, even if you share a room in a hotel. You can be detained and then expelled from the country.

Public “love” is very rare

When you are with the opposite sex, if you are married, it is not a problem to hold hands, but kissing and kissing are not acceptable in public. Dance has its own rules, it is only allowed to be performed in your own home or licensed clubs. Dancing in public places is considered to be provocative, stimulating and prohibited. You must not take photos of women without permission. Random acts of harassing, harassing or even talking to women are prohibited.

The value of Islam is always appreciated in Dubai

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Just like other Islamic countries, celebrating 5 times a day at church times is always maintained. At this point all activities stop, if you are playing music, you must turn off the music immediately. During Ramadan is the biggest festival of Islam, during the day Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke or play loud music. Do not put anything in your abdomen during the day, do not scratch your nose or bite your nails. If you violate, you will be dealt with even if you are not Muslim when you are living and working in Dubai.

Prohibit buying and selling, drinking alcoholic beverages

Islam prohibits drinking and buying alcoholic beverages. Foreigners who live in Dubai want to drink alcohol, must go to an authorized location, not arbitrarily drink in public places. If you have a license to buy alcoholic beverages, you can only drink in your own home, not drinking outside the public. Dubai law only allows drinking alcohol from the age of 21 or older.




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