The Korean labor market is getting hotter recently when Korea regained its relationship in receiving Vietnamese workers. Promising time to Korea will occupy the No. 1 position in the labor export market of our country.

Labor export Korea manufacturing industry 
Cause, because this is a potential labor market with a stable income of 28-40 million VND / month, more jobs. Travel expenses Korean labor export is low at around VND 26 million and especially for exemplary workers can continue to apply for a visa to go to Korea to work for the 2nd and 3rd time …
Here is a summary of The industry has been chosen by many Vietnamese workers to export Korean labor

1.  Manufacturing

Up to 85% of Vietnamese workers who register to work in Korea choose the manufacturing and manufacturing industries.

These include:

– Mechanics (welding, shop, milling, metal stamping …)

– Making, sewing, Wear- Food processing

– Metallurgy, metals – Electricity and electronics ….

Electricity – electronics

Metallurgical industry. metal

Food processing industry

Paper production

Textile and garment industry

2. Agriculture

– Cultivation of vegetables and fruits in glass houses.

– Breeding livestock, poultry, and aquatic products

Labor mainly works in greenhouses

The work is quite light and simple

Means of use are equipped with modern, advanced

The bright smile of Vietnamese workers working in Korea

Workers are entitled to enjoy products taken care of themselves

Fully-equipped labor protection when working

3.  Build

– Installation of phase, scaffolding

– Paint painting, air conditioning installation

– Operation of construction machines

– Building chat.

The work is quite hard but the income for the construction industry is very high

Labor will learn more from the construction masters

Unique works are only available in Korea

Workers are equipped with protection knowledge at work

4.  Fishery

– Seafaring, fishing and catching seafood

– Aquaculture

Fishing activities in Korea

The labor results of the workers

As a beach lover, you should not miss this industry

Cultivating artificial aquaculture

Labor transports to food processing companies

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