Currently, labor export to Taiwan market is being paid much attention and attention by many workers. Because this is a very potential market for our workers, with the developed industry, customs and habits have many similarities, … and most importantly, to give employees a level The income is quite high and stable.

The following are some of the 2019 Taiwan labor export procedures that employees are interested in and need to know:

– Based on the Law of Vietnamese workers who work abroad under the signed contract. November 29, 2006.

– Pursuant to the Government’s Decree No. 126/2007 / ND-CP of August 1, 2007, detailing and clearly guiding a number of articles of the Law on Vietnamese Laborers. go to work abroad under the signed contract.

– Based on the Circular No. 21/2007 / TT-BLĐTBXH dated October 8, 2007 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs instructing in detail some Clause of the Law on Vietnamese Workers Working Abroad under the Contract signed and Decree No. 126/2007 / ND-CP dated August 1, 2007 of the Government has detailed regulations and guidance on some laws of Vietnam workers to work abroad under contracts.

Related records and how to do:

  1. Passport:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hộ chiếu

Passport issued by the Department of Management of Entry and Exit (A18) – Ministry of Public Security issued to Vietnamese citizens to travel abroad. And entry into the country must be approved by the diplomatic mission (Embassy) of that country and granted a Visa to enter the country. (Passport valid for 10 years)

* Procedures for passport application:

– Workers applying for a passport must go to work themselves.

– Need to prepare a passport application including:

+ 05 photos 4×6, shirt with collar, white background

+ Household registration book: original and 1 copy

+ People’s identity card: original and 1 copy

+ Declaration for passport application: Ask for the declaration form at the place of filing or go to the website to find and report on the form.

  • Fee for granting: 200,000 VND
  • Where to submit documents: At the Immigration Office of the Provincial Police Department where workers register their permanent residence.

Some notes: In order to be proactive and minimize the cost of employees, they should do passports early before winning the order. When a passport must be signed immediately on the passport and submitted early to the center.

  1. Judicial Certificate (confirmation of criminal history):

Valid for 6 months, records to prepare include:

+3 photos 4×6

+ Household registration book, people’s identity card: original and 1 copy

+ Declaration: Please fill in the declaration form at the place of filing and follow the form

  • Fee: 100,000 VND.
  • Place of submission: Department of professional police records (Division PC 27)

In case of urgent need, you can ask the center to help you to apply for a grant in Hanoi.

  1. Health Certification

Kết quả hình ảnh cho khám sức khỏe

– Workers will have a health check at a hospital appointed by the Taiwanese side: The company will organize for employees to have a health examination at the hospital (a health examination card is valid for 3 months) .

– According to Taiwan’s regulations: Before making an application for entry visa to Taiwan to work, workers must be vaccinated before 15 days.

– Upon entry to Taiwan: Workers will be examined. stay healthy before going to work.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho visa

Issued by Taiwanese representative office (Taiwan Embassy) in Hanoi. Allowing employees to enter Taiwan under signed contracts. The duration of VISA in Vietnam is 3 months from the date of issuance, but the employee who does not enter Taiwan will expire.

* Application for VISA:

– Applications for VISA will be prepared directly by the center and submitted to the competent authority for certification.

– Time limit for granting VISA:

+ Fast Visa: within 4 days and cost of 99 USD

+ Regular Visa: within 8 days and costs 66 USD

To avoid declaring names, changing name and Taiwanese requirements: When making a VISA, the employee must submit the following personal files to the center and if there is a mistake in the name and date of birth It is necessary to report immediately when the employee enters the university to check the previous test.

+ ID card: Request the original and must be at the age of 18-21

If the ID card does not meet the above requirements, one of the following documents must be added immediately to compare.

+ Request the original birth certificate + Original secondary school or high school diploma, or report card

+ Original of household registration book (issued before 2002)

+ Original marriage certificate (before 2002) + Original birth certificate of the child.

Some notes: Full name, date of birth, home country must match the identity card and passport. When working as a visa, workers must be present at Taipei office to sign fingerprints.

Labor recruitment process


After the company receives orders from Taiwan partners, we will conduct recruitment announcements on the media to find and select candidates that match the criteria of the employer.

Health check

After selecting the appropriate candidate, a screening examination will be carried out at competent hospitals and health facilities according to Taiwan embassy standards. 


Exams for admission

Employees will be trained and study orientation courses for about 3 months to help meet the skill requirements of employers before the recruitment exam.

Advanced training 

Those who have passed the orders will be trained by the company to improve both knowledge and skills To ensure quality standards. Applying for a visa / visa 

An application for a visa for a worker will be sent by the employer to the Taiwanese embassy in the form of a visa block or a work permit. Booking and exit 

The employer will transfer the necessary documents to the recruiter to arrange exit as planned. The company will complete exit procedures for employees 

Oriented education before exit 

All employees will be allowed to take a orientation education course before leaving the country, this course is for you. will be equipped with information on rights and obligations when working in Taiwan, information on living conditions, working environment as well as outstanding features in Taiwan’s labor law.


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