A special issue is always concerned by the employees and questions: How much is the basic income when going to labor export (Korea)? How much is left after going to labor export Korea? What factors do employees’ income depend on? The following article will summarize and answer that whole question

Labor wages in Japan depend very much on the won exchange rate

1.  How much is basic salary?

Currently, the salary for employees is signed with Korean enterprises at least 1,300,000 won – 1,600,000 won/month equivalent to 27-30 million VND / month /

Working time in 1 week is 5 days, 1 working day 8 hours. And this salary is almost unchanged in Korea in the near future.

A few notes to Vietnamese workers this is the minimum wage that workers receive, depending on the job position and income level. Each person is different and Korean workers will be paid a higher salary. Therefore, Vietnamese workers should not wonder about this difference and be assured that they will achieve the minimum wage in accordance with Korean government regulations.

Wages of employees will be applied according to the law. Korean workers, the minimum wage per hour worked, each working hour is 6470 Won/hour equivalent to 130,000 VND / hour. 1 week working 5 days, 1 working day 8 hours.

2.  How much money do employees receive?

In fact, the basic salary that employees receive is the basic salary minus the cost of living in Korea as follows: Tax, insurance, inpatient living expenses. The cost of meals for workers must be self-sufficient to be able to save thoroughly. After deducting all expenses for employees to receive real wages: 800,000 – 1,000,000 won/month.

-Thus, every month the workers in Korea leave 20,000,000 – 23,000,000 copper. This is an income not included in overtime, or holidays. If there is a separate income, the income that the employee can get is very good.

In short, the wage rate for Korean labor export is quite high, usually between 25 and 30 (million VND) / month.

3.  Income from overtime work

Overtime work in Korea gives workers a high income

In case, the employee registers for overtime work, the income level will be significantly improved. Specifically, in addition to the basic working hours (8 hours / 1 day), overtime income will be calculated at 150% of the basic salary.

Example: minimum wage during working hours is 6470 won / hour-Overtime income: 6470 x 150% = 9705 won / hour-Allowance paid on holidays: 5-hour work day: 6470 x 5h x 150% = 48,525 won / hour

4.  What factors do basic salaries depend on?

– Depending on the job: The work is dangerous, heavy and hard will have higher income: scaffolding, casting, welding, …

The more dangerous trades are, the higher the income

– Depends on the nature of work: For industries requiring skills, techniques, expertise, there will be a higher salary than the common ground

For example electricity, electronics, metallurgy …

Not hard and dangerous, but requires high expertise in the electricity and electronics industry, which gives workers a significant income

Depends on the working area: depending on different provinces with different income levels: suburbs have lower wages than cities.

Workers working in the suburbs will have lower incomes, but the cost of living is also much cheaper





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