Currently, Taiwan is still a key market with the largest number of Taiwanese labor export workers, only in the first 9 months of 2019, the number of Taiwanese labor export workers is 47,721 people, accounting for 49.28%. To go to Taiwan successfully, you should consult carefully about all information related to the Taiwan Labor Export.

Let’s join ECOCOM to find out 15 information about Taiwan labor export 2019 to see if you know What are you going to prepare for?

1. What are the conditions for Taiwan labor export?

As you know, when going to export foreign workers, you must meet the necessary conditions to be able to apply for orders, especially for the Taiwan market, the conditions will be simpler than Japan. Korean and Korean

Only need you to meet the following conditions:

Age from 20 to 38 for work in factories, factories, nursing homes for nursing homes

Conditions for domestic maids Taiwan: Female aged 25-49. The height of 1m50 or more / Good health (must reach health when prescribed at the hospital) /

Weight height (men 1m60 or higher, female 1m50 or higher. Not too skinny and not too fat)

2. Salary to Taiwan labor export today

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mức lương xuất khẩu lao động đài loan

Currently Taiwanese factory salary: NT $ 23,100 / month, not including shifts

Taiwanese nursing home’s salary of RMB 23,100 / month

Taiwanese maid salary: NT $ 17,000 / month

According to information News from the Taiwanese government, from January 1, 2019, Taiwan adjusted the monthly basic salary to increase from NT $ 22,000 / month to NT $ 23,100 / month.

3. Can myopia and tattoos go to Taiwan?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cận thị

Myopia is a bit hard to export labor to Taiwan. As for the tattoo, the problem goes to normal Taiwan.

4. How much money to Taiwan labor export?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

This is the question that most people are concerned about today, with the need to go to Taiwan higher and higher, along with many labor export companies that have grown up, finding a reputable unit and having a low cost is not easy. with workers

Currently, the labor export fee for Taiwan fluctuates around 3000 – 5000 USD (depending on the company)

Particularly for help orders, the lowest cost is 1200 USD, on average the companies are collecting is $ 2,036

5. Can hepatitis B go to Taiwan?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho viêm gan b

Yes. You are infected with hepatitis B still go to Taiwan labor export. Only some orders such as food may not get you hepatitis B, the rest still go to Taiwan to work normally.

6. Contracts to export labor to Taiwan for several years?

Going to Taiwan is very diverse, usually 3-year labor contract but there are also many short-term orders for more than 2 years, for example

Short-term contracts will have a lower exit fee than the full 3 contracts year. To Taiwan, you can extend it if you want to stay at work.

Taiwan is extended for up to 12 years, guys. So those who really want to go to Taiwan labor export, how long is the contract time is not the most important thing.

7. Is it hard to go to labor export Taiwan?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lao động tuyển đài loan

Please tell me that after going to work, it will definitely be hard, especially to export foreign workers. Just like in Vietnam, you go to labor export in Taiwan, you will do jobs like factory workers, family helpers … like when we are at home. Each industry has its own characteristics so you should choose an order that suits you. And when you go to work in Taiwan, you are required to follow the contract, do not give up, must abide by all regulations in the company as well as Taiwan law.

8. Jobs in Taiwan

There is a lot of work for you to go to Taiwan labor export, you can choose according to your skills and experience or choose an order that suits your strength.

Factory workers have industry Occupation: Welding, CNC, painting, machine manipulation, packaging, electronics, textile, food, construction …

Nursing home care service

Family help

Refer to careers to go Taiwan labor export =

9. Can I help Taiwan get a transfer?

The answer is yes, sister. The sisters who go to labor export to work as a maid will be transferred if the user has problems, unlike in the signed contract before leaving, the company will arrange new owners for the sisters. However, it should be noted that if there is no problem, it is not advisable to change the owner, why do I say that? Because there are so many women who go to labor export, but they still think that they are idle, do not work, it is a little difficult to complain … that is only a disadvantage for them, so unless it is impossible If you can fix or try, you can change the owner.

10. Benefits when going to Taiwan labor export

In addition to the basic salary, employees enjoy,

According to the provisions of the Taiwan labor law, all workers working in agencies, factories and enterprises apply 8h / working regime. date and enjoy all working benefits as prescribed

Overtime pay, overtime work will be calculated according to the overtime, overtime prescribed by the factory. Therefore, in the holidays and holidays, depending on the situation of the work of the factory, if they have to work, they must be obliged to work according to the assignment of the employer …

11. What does Taiwan’s labor export dossier include?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hồ sơ xuất khẩu lao động đài loan

Labor export documents need to be prepared as follows:

Ordinary passport

Certificate of criminal record

Health examination

When participating in the labor export program, the employees are required to have a health check at the designated hospital

VISA (when applying for a visa, workers must go directly to interview and get fingerprints at Taipei Office in Hanoi)

12. Deductions when going to Taiwan labor export

Deductible fees for Taiwanese employees’ income are as follows:

Health check-up

Diving residence card

Insurance fee Income tax

An administration fee and brokerage fee

13. Does Taiwan labor export require a degree?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bằng cấp

Neither of you, with other markets, can be important by level, but Taiwan alone is extremely simple. There is no need for a degree, just enough health + finance + determination is to go to Taiwan labor export. Only a few orders need to be skilled, you must have new skills to join the application, the whole order is for unskilled workers.

14. Support loan to Taiwan labor export

Currently, there are 3 popular banks that workers can borrow to go to Taiwan labor export: Vietbank Bank, Social Policy Bank, and Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (Agribank). ).

Each bank has its own loan conditions, so you have to go directly to the bank to find out the information.

Labor export company will issue a loan application for workers mobilize to local to borrow capital to export labor to Taiwan

15. Does the labor flee, illegally go to Taiwan labor export again?

Hình ảnh có liên quan

No friends. Particularly for those of you who fled outside, illegally residing in Taiwan … you can no longer export Taiwanese labor. Even if you have returned to the country for 5.10 years, illegal cases can only be transferred to another country.




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