“I tell you” is a series of articles sent from IDP students in the UK. Exploiting the perspective of British students themselves, each story will bring the experience of “taking the bag” on the journey of 5763 miles to the UK.

Continuing the answer to the question Is studying really English “lemon lemon”? by Nguyen Tung Anh, please follow Vu Manh Hung – ECOCOM student at Sheffield Hallam University to “market” the exam at British universities!

“Temporarily leave happiness when receiving a student visa for the UK, this is when I suddenly realized that I was facing a college student named” examination “. That sounds like pressure, but the early “winding up” will help you get ready to leave this friend.

In addition, midterm exams can be group projects (group projects), essay writing – accounting for 50% and final exams – accounting for 50%. For some subjects, the final exam may include 2,000-word essays and essays – 50% and 4,000-word essays – 50%.

Exams in the UK are usually divided into two stages like in Vietnam, midterm and final exams. Depending on the discipline, different forms of the examination will be different. Usually, midterm exams are mainly group presentations (group presentations) – accounting for 30% and final exams are essay writing (essays) about 4,000 words – accounting for 70% of the subject’s score. Presentation points are based on the group’s average grade points scored by teachers and the average score of members for each other. The score is divided as follows:

For the main September intake, midterm exam 1 will begin after 5-7 weeks of study. The 16th week (January) is usually the final exam 1, after the new year. At the beginning of April, you will get winter break for about 2 weeks, then take the midterm exam. June – September is the time for the final exam 2 and writing the thesis.

For subjects, normally, the time to prepare essays is also the time to prepare essay writing materials. The score when making a group presentation will be carefully evaluated by the faculty and team members. Depending on the subject teacher, you can submit the outline of the presentation or essay for comment in order to improve the quality of the article.

During your studies, you are always supported and guided to give ideas for the essay. You will have 1 month to come up with an idea and make an outline, then send a draft and present it to the instructor. After receiving the comment, you have almost 2 months to write the thesis and submit the paper at the end of August to the end of September.

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