“I tell you” is a series of articles sent from ECOCOM students in the UK. Exploiting the perspective of British students themselves, each story will bring the experience of “taking the bag” on the journey of 5763 miles to the UK.

“When studying abroad, of course, the word” learning “is the main purpose of every international student. Gathering knowledge and possessing a degree with value must be a big goal for most international students when coming to the UK. However, outside the classroom window, there is always a colorful life and friends are an important color in the color palette, especially when away from home, when the family is no longer around.

Making friends is one of the human needs. Depending on the need of each individual, the priority for it is set at different levels. In terms of a master’s degree student, basically, the student relationship of international students will have 2 main groups: friendship relationship available in Vietnam – long-term friend, a college friend, fellow student career … and new friends after arriving in England. Maintaining an existing relationship will be temporarily put aside. In this article, I will share about creating new relationships when going to school.

Friends may come from everywhere, and this is more clearly confirmed when you study abroad. On the first day of lectures, it will not be difficult to recognize your upcoming “fellow” from dozens of different countries, different work platforms and more. Not only that, the more work you get, the more opportunities you will get to get new people and the rate of new friends will increase. From simple things like going to the library, going to the pub, watching a football game or attending an event … The chance to make friends is always there, deciding whether to embrace it or not is yourself.

What do you need friends to do? To confide, to share, rely on each other spiritually. Or do you need friends who can accompany you in projects, in the coming career? In fact, there is no limit to this. There are people you seem to be studying and working in a field completely different from yourself, but maybe you can connect and start creating miracles. For emotional questions and areas like this, listen and follow your feelings a bit, maybe you will give the right answer.

Charming, skillful, listening, sharing, … These are often the answers you get. And indeed it is. Many other ideas also point out that you are yourself, then there will be people who really understand and accept you. This is not wrong. But one thing to keep in mind is that each individual always has different things, no one is like the whole person. Expecting to be a soulful friend, willing to understand you and accept you in every way is a far away and unrealistic thing. Especially when you study abroad, contact with many different cultures.

Open up and accept the new, the other’s will probably be a wise and effective choice if you want the new community to accept you. You can play it your way, it’s up to you, but remember you’re not playing at home. Respect should be your principle when interacting with people, respecting yourself and respecting those who face. Now, all your special abilities, interests or concerns are the most easily exposed topics. If you feel yourself “a little lacking in salt” and shy, cultivate yourself more by reading more and interacting with more people.

“Hundred or not by hand”, even if it fails by embarrassing yourself in front of others a few times, it is okay. The worst thing that can happen is that you will appear in some jokes later on that you don’t even have to listen to. So, boldly and express yourself, escaping from the cover is a way for you to actively look for new relationships. Learn how to respect others even if the things they do do not share your views. But, do not restrict yourself and force yourself into friendships that make you tired or not fit. Knowing who I am, where I am so I can have good relationships.

A beer, a cup of coffee or a teapot will be ideal to “break the ice.” The most important step to making friends is approaching. A beer after class with friends or club in the evening is how students over 18 years old often do. Students often gather on afternoons after school, before dinner or at night. There is almost no sidewalk café so cafes or pubs will be everyone’s favorite spots. If you go to the club, the group will gather at a point first and organize “pre-drinks”. At “pre-drinks”, people will talk more closely before going to the club, partly to save, another part is because no one can scream over the music in the club.

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