Do many people ask if they should learn Korean?

It is also difficult to answer because life is nothing. Not always good and always bad, not always good for everyone or to myself, with global trends, changing in just 1 day, what is learning, prepare something for the future, sometimes just an instant judgment.

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And what is the purpose of learning? Just to tell, to satisfy your interests or to serve your job.


  • What does the effect of learning Korean (or any language, certain skills) bring you? What results? Obviously many people have not taken into account the effectiveness of learning English, they are from level 1, lots of money, effort, and still cannot be used. If you take the learning criteria to apply for a job, to make money, to support jobs, Korean at the present time is very good. Applying for jobs, studying abroad and working are very easy and much better than other languages when there are currently about 3,000 Korean companies investing in Vietnam, about 100,000 Koreans are living in Vietnam. Male. We have about 70,000 brides, 80,000 Vietnamese workers and about 6000 Vietnamese students studying in Korea. Last year, Samsung’s total exports accounted for 18% of Vietnam’s total exports. Ho Chi Minh City awarded a $ 1.4 billion license to Samsung to invest in a high-tech district in District 9 and they pledged to bring about 52 businesses to invest under. When big corporations enter Vietnam, small businesses will follow massively. Large Korean enterprises are more likely to withdraw from China to Vietnam in the last 3 years.
  • Vietnam-Korea relations: Korea is one of five countries with strategic partnerships with Vietnam. Korea is the largest investor and will continue to be the largest in the next 5 years. Both Vietnam and Korea attach importance to this relationship. The Korean president chose Vietnam as the third destination after taking office (after the US and China). All Vietnamese leaders visited Korea during their office. In terms of economic relations, in the future, Viet Han will grow more and more. There has never been a good Vietnamese-Korean relationship like this, on average, there are over 30 flights a week between the two countries.
  • In the future, what will that country be like: Korea is trying to become a real world power. Although the land is tight and the population is small, the UN Secretary-General, the President of the World Bank, is Korean. If Korea unites, they will become a future powerhouse.
  • This supply of human resources knows Korean now? English is a big bridge but the bow is very large, the Korean language is a big bridge but the supply is very poor. The Korean translation is quite lacking, Korean businesses only need to stay out of the countryside. Viet Han technology incubator area in Can Tho recruits translators, willing to pay 800 USD salary/month and not find people. Korean language professionals such as accountants, guides, engineers who know Korean today are very few if not. The current Korean language training system (except for universities) is lacking and few, proving that future sources of learning Korean will be an immense void.
  • Regarding cultural characteristics: Koreans rarely use English (even poor English), Koreans do not persevere to learn Vietnamese, do not adapt to the local culture. Want to play, close, do business with Korean people need to know Korean.
  • Korean is easy to learn: Koreans have vowels, consonants, Chinese Vietnamese sounds to learn, so only 1 year of Korean language will be 3-4 years in English, Chinese or Japanese.
  • The cost of learning Korean is low: The total program of learning the Korean language does not exceed 20-30 million VND (the whole program), grammar knowledge, vocabulary does not take too much time or effort to learn.
  • After all, foreign language is now indispensable, compulsory to learn, just a supplementary tool (but necessary). The common trend of the major countries in the world is to force other ethnic groups to learn their own language. With Korean thinking, I can’t stop learning Korean if I want to play with them. Just learning a foreign language is not enough, learning one more language is a common requirement and if you study Korean is also a bad choice.
  • Korean, Korean culture, etc. There are many things that are worth learning such as diligence, progression, efficiency, savings. Working in the Korean environment is also a process of training about working style. Knowing Korean is also one of the essential requirements to learn good things, good things, and the progress of Koreans.
  • If studying: Study right away and finish within 1 year and a half, a long time will no longer be an opportunity. At the same time, you should learn Korean as an important sub-professional to support your work (gradually it will become the main subject with your existing expertise) rather than taking it as a specialty (university major in the Korean language). ). Because English and other languages have shown the disadvantages of this.


  • Korea is a small country: Korea can have an economic impact, but it is not advisable to study Korean to do politics or the military.
  • The Korean government currently adopts the universalization of the Korean language, be careful not to become their Korean subjects.
  • Korean language learners at universities are increasing and increasingly, enrolling in the Korean language at universities will create a completely competitive environment.
  • Koreans also have many things that should not be learned or learned Korean, but they are thrown away. Korean culture penetrates too much and if learning Korean is forgotten, Vietnamese culture is not good.
  • Also, do not think that learning Korean and having to work as an interpreter, there is nothing related to the Korean language, such as trade, investment cooperation, consultancy, business related to Korea Vietnam, etc.


At the present time, those who have learned Korean, doing business with Korea are successful. In the giants in Saigon have blood face, at least about 5 he has been doing business with Korean people, know Korean (babbling or pretty) enough to communicate. General director of the Truong Hai automobile company is a typical example.

The choice of what to learn, who to love, what to do … of the individual should be based on the circumstances of each individual and individual must take the initiative and take responsibility for their actions, not follow the trend, do not follow fashion. Listen, but decide that everything needs to be geared toward the future.

And what to say, what to learn, what to do, must be really good, then it is possible to find rice for rice.

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