Selecting an industry is always a difficult decision for international students when your decision is relevant and influential in the future. So which study in Japan should I choose to have the best job opportunity after graduation. Let’s follow the article below to get a suitable career orientation for you …

1. Electronics refrigeration

Do you know Japan is famous for the whole world in the field of electronic refrigeration? The demand for human resources in this industry is also high because of the global scale of companies in Japan, which Japan is facing with an aging population. Choosing the electronic electronics industry in Japan at the moment is a smart choice.

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Not only have the opportunity to work at large corporations in Japan after graduation but if you return to Vietnam, the opportunity is not less.

As you know, the Japanese labor market is scarce while Vietnamese workers are young, diligent, hard-working and skilled, so they have attracted a lot of Japanese companies’ investments. So you can easily find a good job with attractive salaries and benefits.

2. Information technology

Japan has been named the information technology powerhouse, leading in the field of utility software, computer manufacturing, … and highly appreciated by many countries around the world.

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Information technology has become an indispensable part of Japanese people’s life. Therefore, the Japanese Government has constantly invested in the development of this industry.

Studying in this field promises to bring great opportunities for international students both in the learning process and after graduation.

3. Nursing study

Japan has long been famous for its low birth rate and long life, thus, the aging status is increasing rapidly in this country. The proportion of elderly people in Japan (aged 65 and older) accounted for 27.17% in 2017 – a record high. Therefore, Japan pays great attention and pays attention to the issue of health care for the elderly.

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Studying in Japan The nursing industry has a benefit that you will not have to look for a part-time job but will be placed right in the nursing station, both learned and re-employed with salary.

4. Automotive industry

Japan is one of the countries that own many of the most famous automobile brands in the world such as TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, HONDA, etc. Obviously, to have such products of world class, the Japanese training program must be say excellent.

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If you study in Japan in automotive technology, you will experience the first-class training program in the world and the degree you have will be of very high value.

5. The economic sector, business administration

One of the first things that impressed us when it comes to Japan is the current level of economic development in the world. Having met many difficulties and challenges in history, Japan has come up almost from “white hands”; But now, what they do is amazing!

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Coming to Japan, you are not only equipped with specialized knowledge but also soft skills such as presentation, teamwork, idea creation, etc. It will help you get the best strong to get a good job after graduation.

6. Tourism industry

Tourism is currently one of the industries focused on developing in many countries, especially in the country with many wonderful landscapes like Vietnam.

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Studying in Japan for tourism will help you equip yourself with the best and most satisfying travel knowledge with job opportunities not only in Japan but also in Vietnam.

7. Biotechnology industry

Currently, both Vietnam and Japan are in need of a lot of biotechnology research engineers.

The old biotechnology industries such as fermentation, enzyme production, product additives, and fermented food … play an extremely important role in the Japanese industry during the past century, therefore, the Japanese Government Very focused and invested.

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This is also a potential industry, needs a lot of human resources, and is an industry that many Vietnamese students want to study in Japan.

8. Cooking industry

Japan is one of the most famous countries all over the world because of its rich and diverse culinary arts, as well as excellent nutrition.

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Choosing to study in Japan with the cooking industry, you not only approach the quintessence of Japanese cuisine but also create a great career opportunity for your future after studying abroad.

This discipline is suitable for those who love Japanese food culture.

9. Construction industry

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Currently, construction is a “hot” industry but always in a shortage of qualified and high-quality human resources. Studying in Japan with the construction industry will help you cultivate the knowledge and skills in the best way so that you can meet the demand of manpower shortage, promising a great career opportunity after graduation…

10. Environmental industry

The environment and environmental issues in Vietnam are a real problem when the process of industrialization and modernization has led to challenges and risks of environmental pollution.

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In the same situation with Vietnam, Japan is suffering from the consequences of environmental pollution caused by natural disasters so that Japanese governments pay great attention to this industry.

Above are the top 10 disciplines chosen by international students when going to Japan to study. Please think carefully to choose the discipline that suits you best. Good luck!

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