If you want to study in Taiwan, you need to meet certain academic, foreign language, financial and other requirements to successfully apply for a visa. Find out about the conditions for studying in Taiwan exclusively for Vietnamese students to attend undergraduate and graduate programs.

To study abroad in general you need to prepare many things, the most important of which are academic, foreign language and financial ability. Study conditions of each country, each school, each study is not the same. Normally, students must meet the admission requirements that the school stipulates in order to receive an offer of admission.

However, the foreign embassy in Vietnam has its own regulations to ensure the quality of training for schools in their country. In general, the school will regulate the candidates’ academic scores and foreign language ability. Meanwhile, the embassy has candidate screening conditions such as academic scores and financial capacity.

This means that you can easily receive an offer from a university abroad but the right to decide whether to receive a student visa or not depending on the embassy’s official in Vietnam. Like many other countries, Taiwan has its own requirements for Vietnamese students as follows:

1 Study conditions

Điểm học bạ của bạn phải trên 6.0
Your transcript must be above 6.0

Taiwan does not enroll in high school programs such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand or the UK but only recruit high school graduates and above to study undergraduate and graduate programs. In order to ensure the quality of training, Taipei Office of Economic and Cultural Affairs in Vietnam – the authority to issue visas – stipulates that Vietnamese students must have a minimum of 6.0 or higher (10-point scale). Apply for a Taiwan student visa. Cases of the average academic performance below 6.0 will not be considered for visa issuance.

2 Foreign language conditions

Tiếng Hoa hoặc tiếng Anh là yêu cầu bắt buộc
Chinese or English is required

Similar to the academic conditions, students who want to study in Taiwan must meet the foreign language requirements. Accordingly, in order to study Chinese language programs in Taiwan (then attend university or postgraduate courses), students need to have TOCFL level 1 (6 is the highest level).

University or graduate course entry requirements as prescribed by the school. Usually, schools will require students to have a TOCFL level from level 3 or above. Training programs in English require IELTS certificate of 5.5 or higher or TOEIC from 600 or more invalid time.

3 Financial condition

Tiền Đài Loan
The denominations of the NT currency

Finance is one of the conditions to be considered for granting a student visa to Taiwan. The person going to school or the student’s family will have to prove that he/she can afford all the expenses incurred during the course of studying in Taiwan such as tuition, books, activities, insurance, accommodation, travel, air tickets go back …

During your study in Taiwan, you are allowed to work more, income from extra work helps you pay for some of the cost of studying. However, your goal is to study abroad, so you must prove your financial ability to pay for all the study abroad expenses without having to work more.

The Taiwan government also offers scholarships to schools. If you have a good student, just need a GPA of 7.5 or higher and have the required level of foreign language, you can apply for a tuition exemption/reduction and even a monthly allowance. Other Asian countries like Singapore, Korea, Japan, the cost of studying and living in Taiwan is much cheaper. Below is an estimate of the costs of international students studying, staying, traveling.

Estimating tuition and living expenses in Taiwan:

Items Cost
Tuition and fees for University study 1.500 – 1.800 USD/semester
Tuition and study costs Master / PhD 1.600 – 2.000 USD/semester
Eating 180 – 270 USD/month
Dormitory 180 – 270 USD/month
Rent a house outside 200 – 600 USD/month (not including utilities)

Above are the conditions for studying in Taiwan, you have questions and requests for further answers, do not hesitate to contact us directly for advice.


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