National Taiwan University (NTU) is a national university in Taipei City, Taiwan. Considered the most prestigious university in Taiwan and one of the top-ranked universities in the world, Taiwan National University includes 11 colleges, 54 faculties, 107 research facilities, and 4 research centers.



Taiwan National University originated from the Royal University of Taihoku – founded in 1928 during the Japanese rule – as a member of the Imperial University system by the Empire. Japan manages.

The Taihoku Royal University originally had only the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Law, the Faculty of Science and Agriculture with about 60 students enrolled.

The school at that time was mainly for Japanese people, quite a few Taiwanese students were accepted to study here. The Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering were added in 1935 and 1943, respectively.

After World War II, the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) restructured it into an educational institution for students who speak Chinese. The school was renamed Taiwan National University on November 15, 1945.orientation-day-international-students-ntu


  • Taiwan National University:
  • Widely recognized as the best university in Taiwan and one of the leading universities in the world.
  • Ranked 21st in Asia and 68 worldwide according to QS World University Rankings (2016–2017)
  • Ranking 195 in the world (2017) and 15th in Asia (2016) in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
  • Ranked 53rd in the world and 1st in Taiwan by CWUR in 2016.


  • Main Campus:

The Main Campus is home to most school buildings and administrative facilities at the school.


The whole campus is from above.

NTU campus


School of Social Sciences


School of Biological Resources and AgricultureacademicsPhoto_10

Law School


Liberal Arts School


School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


School of Public Health

  • Shuiyuan Campus:


Campus for students at Shuiyuan Campus.

  • College of Medicine Campus:


This is the oldest campus at the school, and also the campus with the smallest area. Only the Faculty of Medicine is located here.

  • Yunlin Campus:


This is the campus of the School of Science and Technology.

  • Zhubei Campus:


This campus is the home of NTU’s Psychiatry school.

Course / Study / Graduation:

Taiwan National University offers undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in all 11 majors at the school:

Liberal arts Engineering

Science Science and Social Sciences

Technology and Agriculture


Health Management Electrical

Engineering and Computer

Science Life Sciences Science


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