Studying abroad is a long journey, needing a lot of necessary items, but the international students need to pay attention to things that are prohibited from being carried on Korean airplanes, lest money is lost, please!

To the baby, from the travel class to the professional class are picked up on the plane. The foolish person sent in checked baggage will be lost 100%, Vietnamese security personnel will immediately get there.

1. Does the country carry aircraft?

The answer is yes and no. It is when you go through the scanner that you carry fluids in general, such as water, milk, perfume, shampoo … will be detected by the scanner. Security personnel will ask you to remove them from the luggage and throw them in the trash. Many of you have to leave the expensive perfume bottle, unfortunately, can’t ask for it.

But when you’re done with the scanner and go to the lounge area on the plane, it’s easy to buy water, alcohol, perfume … in Beverage and cosmetics counters. At that time, you will be free to board the plane if you like, the attendant does not say anything.

2. Shampoo, shower gel is brought on board?

Cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, perfume, cleanser … are not allowed to be carried on the aircraft if the capacity is greater than 100ml. You notice in the bathroom, the bottle is not big (half a liter to a liter = 500 to 1,000ml) so make sure you don’t go on the plane. For example, the photos below are bottles that are prohibited from being carried on a plane.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho dầu gội sữa tắm
Big bottles will not be carried on the plane
If you want to bring cosmetics on a plane, the bottles must be less than 100ml. For example, shampoo should be used. Shower gel, face wash, perfume … then you pour into a small bottle under 100ml. This total should not exceed 1 liter (ie only 10 bottles of 100ml). Toothpaste should be bought in a tiny type. In general, for every liquid and gelatinous substance, it must be under 100ml to be portable on the plane. Toothbrushes, shaving tables … are also comfortable to carry on.
Bottles of under 100ml bottles are brought on board, but not more than 1,000ml (10 bottles)
In theory, small bottles under 100ml are still required Put in transparent plastic bags. As American security is very rigorous, this is the case, and the ASEAN firms do not retort. To be careful, you should prepare a transparent plastic bag containing cosmetic bottles under 100ml as shown below:
Kết quả hình ảnh cho mỹ phẩm

3. Some other items are prohibited from being portable

The following things will be strictly prohibited, so we do not go on a plane. They are knives, scissors of all kinds (including folding knives), sharp-headed objects such as a screwdriver, lighters … Even the small nose hair scissors in the picture will be confiscated (or depending on easy-going staff there) For this small scissors, 99% is still confiscated.

Hình ảnh có liên quan
Cutlery, lighters, sharp objects like this will be prohibited from being carried on the plane.
In contrast, some other familiar items like nail clippers, plugs, electric chargers, keys … are comfortable to hold. get on the plane. If you find anything else, please help us by submitting a comment below.
Hình ảnh có liên quan
Key, nail press, electric charger, socket … are carried.

4.  Cameras of all kinds are comfortable

Cameras from big to small, from travel class to professional grade are held on the camera three. The foolish person sent in checked baggage will be lost 100%, Vietnamese security personnel will immediately get there.

5. Can food be picked up on the plane?

In ASEAN, food is allowed to be picked up comfortably. When you check-in, you don’t have to say anything to the check-in staff that you have any food. Just present the standard 7kg backpack, the food just keeps the family members in the distance. After completing the procedure, take it to the security screening area. Here, all kinds of dishes (of course dry, not soaked in water), cakes, fruit, and fruits are comfortable (except for coconut because there is water inside, durian gifts, jackfruit because of the aroma and big bulky )

You can even bring a bottle of fish on the plane, as long as the storage is dry, put in a glass jar or sealed plastic bottle, not stinking. , biscuits and donuts) can also be taken on board freely, stewardesses have no bullying at all.

This is something familiar in life or not portable on the plane. What’s more, you can add more! Of course, if you send 40kg of under-luggage, you can freely stuff anything inside, no worries, everything from wine to cutlery is ok.

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