Talking about Korea can not fail to mention Seoul – the magnificent capital of Korea and the world with excellent education, diverse architecture, poetic landscape … So Seoul is expensive and the cost of studying abroad How is this, let’s find out in this article with ECOCOM.



Seoul has a separate transportation system. Traveling on the streets here there are many choices such as Inner-City Buses – city buses – one of the cheapest means of Korean transportation. You can buy bus tickets, pay cash, or use transportation cards, Seoul also has a fairly advanced subway system that runs on a regular schedule with low fares. And to pay for travel, you will spend about 50 000 Won per month.

Money for meals

Eating is always a focus. Normally, the most economical way for students is to go to the market to buy fresh food for the whole week or cook a large pot and eat it gradually. However, one note is that, unlike going to the supermarket, when you go to the market to buy food, you need to know Korean to ask the price and bargain. The two big markets that students often go to are the market in Jegi-Dong and Majang, in addition to the Norangjin market specializing in seafood. To determine the price of food for a month is quite difficult, however 200-400 Won is the average and reasonable number for most international students.



At a price of 180-200 Won, students can earn a room in Kosiwon, however very small and do not have a kitchen. Room with private kitchen and toilet will be about 300W or more, with some places requiring a deposit. Students should consider moving into a dormitory or sharing room to reduce rent!

Phone and Internet

Depending on the intended use, you can subscribe or prepay. If prepaid, a month only needs to keep about 20W in the account, while the subscription fee is somewhat higher (about 45W). In addition, the Internet also causes you to lose an average of 20W per month.

Subsistence ($50 ~ $100)

Mainly including electricity, water, gas, sanitation fees … quite depending. In the summer, the electricity cost is high, but the gas is high in the winter (if using heating). The most economical way is small fans, electric blankets or small heaters for winter.


All figures above are estimates only. About the first two months when going to Korea, the exchange rate and the standard of living in Korea can make you “shocked” and “overwhelmed”. At the same time, when newcomers do not know where to buy, go and buy all appliances, it will cost more than later months.

Those who live frugally can keep costs under 500,000Won / month. to cut housing and utilities costs by up to 50%. Students who rent rooms near schools or workplaces can save travel costs, however, companies and schools often focus on business districts. Trade leads to higher rental costs.

Most universities have a scholarship and tuition fee exemption for students, along with the Korean government also allowing students to work overtime for a maximum of 4 hours / day. and do not limit your vacation time (students are paid $ 4 -5 per hour on average).

So, try to win a scholarship, or go to work to work not only have more experience, knowledge but also can reduce the financial burden offline!







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