You are confused because you just graduated from high school and want to study abroad in Germany but this year there are too many changes in the requirements of the records?

Don’t be bewildered because this article will summarize the notes reserved for those who complete the National Exam 2017 – 2018 or 2018 – 2019 and want to make a study abroad in Germany!

Once you have passed the gates to set foot on the “Heart of Europe”, you will find your previous efforts extremely valuable. So what changes have this year made, and especially need to pay attention to the process of making the dossier most convenient?

I. APS certificate value

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cảnh đẹp đức

Since 2007, Germany has asked international students to have an APS certificate before applying to the school. However, according to the latest notice, the APS certificate will only be valid when submitted with TestAS results. For those who are safe – high results of the National Exam 2017 – 2018 or 2018 – 2019 and able to meet the new requirements given by the German Embassy will need to pay close attention to the time to post. Sign up for TestAS now. Don’t skip the TestAS exam that takes place during the year and the deadline for submitting your application.

You can choose to take the TestAS in German or English without affecting the results, so choose the language you feel most confident about. In order to complete your study application in the spring of 2018, you must take the TestAS exam as soon as possible. Let ECOCOM help you register and practice exam from now on.

II. Mandatory college preparation

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cảnh đẹp đức

The Korea Lam Duc Exchange Agency (DAAD) has announced: For those of you who have completed high school exams in Vietnam, who are studying for the first year or under 4 terms in Vietnam, they will have to participate in the Pre-University program in Germany. So, for those of you who plan to complete a 1-year or 1-year university course in Vietnam to take advantage of the time to learn English and prepare a dossier, you will be required to take a university entrance exam when you arrive in Germany.

Degrees at universities in Vietnam are not recognized by Germany, students should study preparatory courses to improve their language proficiency and accumulate specialized words, useful learning methods for the following university studies. this.

III. Change in the financial proof request

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cảnh đẹp đức

The financial proof for studying in Germany is not really difficult because the Embassy only requires a frozen account without considering the time to open savings books like some other countries. However, it should not be subjective not to thoroughly understand the requirements of the proof step, especially the latest changes

. Recently, the German Embassy has recently issued a notice to change the minimum amount required in the financial blockade of Vietnamese students when they want to apply for a German student visa. Specifically, students need 8820 euros in their accounts, do not require statements. Previously, this minimum amount has been changed several times and always tends to increase, students who intend to study in Germany need to update this condition regularly.

IV. Note before the official study abroad conditions in Germany

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cảnh đẹp đức

Because the Ministry of Education of Vietnam changed the regulations on high school graduation exam and university admission in 2017- 2018 or 2018 – 2019, at the moment, the German Embassy has not yet had official information about changes.

Change in conditions to study abroad in Germany in 2019. A lot of students are puzzled about what to do at the moment is the best. Therefore ECOCOM advises you to ensure the safest, you should still complete the registration process at the university. Especially after receiving some papers such as National High School Examination Certificate, Temporary Graduation Notice as well as admission notice, you should notarize these papers 10-20 copies before when submitting the original version to the university.

Some Vietnamese universities do not re-issue these documents and will affect the preparation of future study records. Especially, in order to save time preparing study documents, you should start studying. German now. To achieve the B1 level, students need to study continuously for 9-12 months. Should not wait until the official conditions for studying in Germany to decide whether to study German or not, wasting this time may cause you to miss the deadline of some suitable schools in the process of filing later.

ECOCOM regularly organizes German classes exclusively for exam preparation students and prepares to study in Germany with a small class of 6-8 people to increase the ability to train students. Register immediately for the A1 class of the latest opening ceremony to begin studying the language.

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