Korea is often called the “early misty land”, but also has a more appropriate nickname for Korea, which is “the land of 10,000 universities”. When deciding to study abroad in Korea, you will have to think carefully about which school to choose.

1.Need to know which region you choose?

Depending on the criteria of each person, it is possible to choose the school to suit your own desires:

– That school is where your relatives are living and working

–  That is the school many Vietnamese students are studying

–  The cost of living around that area suits your family’s finances

–  Opportunity to search there easily

According to the sharing of normal Vietnamese students, you need to list all the needs that you want, thereby gradually narrowing down the range of school choices to study abroad in Korea.

2.Looking forward to how my school attends

A perspective of schools in Korea

– List a series of criteria you want to study at schools in Korea

.– Cost of study at the school is suitable for family financial conditions

– There are specialties The industry you want to study

– Extracurricular activities, fun

.– Regularly organizing diverse and attractive scholarship programs

– The school environment has many beautiful places for you to have can relax and relax after school stressful.

– There are many Vietnamese students also studying in Korea at that school.

3. Find out about school admission requirements

Get ready to conquer the land of Kim – chi

– Learn in detail the conditions that the school requires for international students.

4. Reference top universities in Korea

Seoul National University (SNU)

Ranked 42nd in the world by QS World University Ranking, Seoul National University adds “S” to SKY Universities – the top 3 universities Many dreamers can attend. Many politicians, as well as talented business directors, have graduated from these three universities.

SNU is not the oldest school of kimchi and was inaugurated in 1946, but it was the first national university in Korea and enjoyed a reputation for its time. SNU has student exchange programs with American University of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, and also has a contract with Harvard Law School and students can transfer credits when exchanging between these two schools. SNU also has an exchange program with many other universities around the world.

Graduating from SNU will ensure your success in the future, so competition to enter the school is fierce. Students will be considered primarily according to the KSAT score. According to the school website, only the top 2.5% of students have the opportunity to enroll. However, exchange programs around the world have shown SNU has internationalization, and currently has more than 2,000 international students enrolled; So international students have some priorities over domestic students. In SNU, there are also many classes taught in English.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Established in 1971, KAIST focuses on training students in the field of research and science. The school is currently ranked 90th in the world by QS World University Ranking.

KAIST is located in Daejeon, which is one of the earliest schools in Korea to adopt a whole-student approach to consider admission. Most schools in Korea only consider students’ college test scores, but KAIST also considers the previous grade average, recommendation letters and other relevant qualifications and certificates to select students for the school.

The competition to get a ticket to KAIST is also very difficult, not only because Korea is a brand-coscious society and KAIST is the top brand, but also because all births are All students here have scholarships and students studying Ph.D. degrees will be exempt from military service. This is one of the top schools if you want to study in Korea to study technology.

KAIST University has 6 main high schools: Business (Business), Social Science (Culture Science), Engineer ( Engineering), Information Science and Technology, Life Science and Biotechnology (Life Science and Bioengineering), and Natural Science (Natural Science). There is also a high school for academic-related research. Business School focuses on technical business.

Hanyang University – HU

Although founded in 1959, Hanyang University was once known as Dong-A Technical University 20 years ago. With the tradition of technical training, it is not surprising that graduates from Hanyang University are pioneers in the process of Korean industrialization in the 1970s. Hanyang University’s former student is an important student.

Today, Hanyang University is considered one of the top schools of Korea and the top 400 in the world. Hanyang University has almost all the majors that you can think of with a total of 24 high schools. The highlight of Hanyang is that this school focuses on community activities. The school has Hanyang Volunteer Association founded in 1994.

Korea University – KU

This is the oldest university in SKY Universities (including SNU, KU and Yonsei University). Korea University is also a private school, but it does not follow any denomination. KU’s social and business sciences ranked seventh according to QS World University Ranking.

KU is also considered a comprehensive school with a diverse list of disciplines with more than 20 high schools. This is also a highly competitive school like SNU and Yonsei, accepting only 5% of students applying, based on KSAT.

Pusan National University – PNU

Pusan National University, also known as Busan University, applies a Romanized teaching program. The school was founded in 1946. Like SKY Universities, the school has a wide range of majors with 24 small schools for undergraduates.

PNU also has a curriculum for foreign students. The school also has academic scholarships and other necessary scholarships from the first semester. Once you have learned the details, prepared, planned for your upcoming future, this will be the foundation. firmly helps you expand your chances of success.

Wish you will find the best puzzle for me!

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