If you are wondering which city to study in Korea, the following article will help you find the most favorite city for you.

1.Seoul City

In 2017, Seoul is ranked the fourth best city for world students, with about 40 large and small universities and the super-prestigious “SKY” trio of Seoul National University, Korea University, and University Yonsei University or other universities such as Hongik University, Chungang University, Kookmin University, etc.

As the capital of Korea, Seoul acts as a prosperous and thriving center both in politics and economy. , culture and education. Here, the characteristics for the past and present are intertwined. The palaces, pagodas, tombs, priceless art collections illustrate the heroic past. At the same time, gleaming skyscrapers and hustle and bustle express a present-day vitality.

The tuition of public schools in Korea is very small, only private schools. Seoul and Busan have higher tuition fees than other provinces and cities. Although the cost is expensive, students in Seoul are easy to find additional jobs. However, to earn a suitable job with a good salary requires you to have good Korean skills. Besides, here they are very appreciative of the quality of service so you also need to have basic skills to meet the requirements at work.

2. Daejeon city

Daejeon is one of South Korea’s five major cities, the crossroads of major transport routes and located 50 minutes from Seoul by speedboat. It is considered the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, concentrating the headquarters of many important research institutes across the country.

Because this is the station of more than 200 large research institutes such as Samsung, LG, Daejeon universities, KAIST Scientific and Technological Research Institute, Hannam University, … Daejeon still has a young, gentle beauty, Daejeon City has a lot of interesting destinations to explore entertainment like Daejeon O-world – the park is always bright and colorful with the largest scale. Central Korean area, Yuseong Hot Spring, Yuseong Foot Spa, the famous Gyejoksan Mountain Red Clay Trail, Daejeon Observatory (Daejeon Observatory), Geological Museum, Foreign Currency Museum Daejeon (Daejeon Currency Museum, Daejeon Art Center (Daejeon Art Center), Dubbed as the key scientific city of South Korea, Daejeon gathered up to 13 universities, such as is typical in the International Business School Solbridge, KAIST (KAIST).

The cultural diversity and friendliness of the people who live here make Daejeon always the choice of many young people who want to live and study before their Korean study abroad plan.

3. Busan city

Busan is Korea’s largest port city. With a population of about 4 million, Busan is the second largest city in Korea after Seoul

Busan is a city with a natural environment that blends perfectly between rivers, mountains, and sea. Especially here is Korea’s longest beach and the longest river in Korea – Nakdong. The city consists of coastline with beautiful beaches and spectacular cliffs, hot springs spread throughout the city. Deepwater ports with gentle tidal waves have made Busan become the largest port in South Korea and the fifth largest in the world

 Traffic in the city is very convenient, so international students don’t need to worry too much settled. In the city there are buses, subway traffic constantly. High-speed trains connecting Busan directly to Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu only take 1 to 2 hours of travel.

But Busan is a big city but Busan’s cost of living is not too expensive, very suitable for you just want to go to school and want to go to work. Since Busan does not have as many industrial factories or farms as most other places, most of you looking for part-time jobs will look at shops, shops or cafes, convenience stores. Famous school in Busan: Busan National University, Tommyong University, and many more good schools for you to choose to study.

4. Deagu city

Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. This place is the economic center of textile, metallurgy, and machine manufacturing industries. Beginning in the late 1990s, the central and local governments tried to actively develop Daegu’s textile industry under the slogan “Daegu: Fashion City.” Major corporate corporations are also concentrated in Daegu cities such as Samsung Group, Korea Gas Corporation or DGB finance training,…

Traffic in Daegu also develops, there are 3 subway lines. It is also famous for traditional cultural festivals such as medical festivals with Yangnyeongsi herbs, Otgol village, Daegu Color Festival, etc.

Not just one a strong economic and cultural city in which Daegu is also home to many famous universities such as Yeungnam University, Daegu University, Yeungjin College, …

Because Daegu is also just a normal province so The cost of living is also not very expensive and is a large city, in addition to many industrial parks and farms, there are also many more jobs if they are ng Your South well.

5. Gwangju city

Gwangju city of light is the name of the list of Korean cities most popular among international students. Located in the center of southwestern Korea, Gwangju City is the commercial center of Jeollanam Province – due to its reputation for rich agricultural products, especially rice and fresh vegetables. Gwangju has long been famous for its beautiful natural landscape with its fresh climate, and therefore, people here are very loving and liberal. It was from this land that they created the best national dishes, the traditional pansori music and the wonderful landscape paintings with celadon ceramics and classical poetry art.

Gwangju City is the sixth largest city in Korea, it is famous for its typical arts and culture, so education in Gwangju city is also very developed with many universities and colleges. Famous for giving you the choice if you intend to study abroad such as Hongnam University, Chosun University, …

Cost of living is not very expensive so you do not need to worry about living expenses… Also in Gwangju, there are many part-time jobs. Not only working on farms or agricultural companies but also many factories. This is a particularly wonderful place for those who want to work more.

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