You are going to study abroad in Korea, but you are wondering because there are so many attractive options. So how to keep up with the latest trends and favorable jobs after graduation. Let’s find out with ECOCOM:

1) Media and event industry

Korea always surprised the world with smart PR strategies with outstanding and attractive events. The development of all fields of economics, culture, society … of Korea largely thanks to the development of the education of specialized media, events, PR or Marketing.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ngành communication

Korea has many universities teaching this subject, the most famous is the Korea National University of Arts, Sungkyunkwan University, Busan University, Dongguk University or Chosun University. Here, there are leading lecturers in the field of communication, moreover, this is an extremely important factor for businesses so it is sure that this discipline will be very hot.

The development of the media and industry Korean entertainment industry has made the land of this country become more popular all over the world. Korea became one of the countries with the ideal platform for studying and studying the media industry.

When studying this field here, students are able to understand the latest and most effective knowledge to help find get a job with an attractive salary later.

2) Hotel and tourism management

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ngành quản trị khách sạn

Hotel and tourism management

One of the current “HOT” industries is hotel management and tourism. The opportunity to find a job after graduating from high school is one of the reasons that attracts many students to choose from.

Hotels and tourism are smoke-free industries that are highly respected in Korea. When studying in Korea, you will have the opportunity to practice, experience the actual 5-star hotels and restaurants in Korea. The universities in Korea will train basic and deep skills, responding to nature and market demand.

When participating in these disciplines, the career opportunities after graduation are very large, in The process of learning you will be trained in the most basic skills to meet the recruitment needs of businesses later. If you are an active person and like to explore new cultures, this career really suits you.

Some leading universities train hospitality and tourism management majors like:

– Sejong University

– Kyunghee University

– Kyuonggi University

3)Information technology industry

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Information technology industry

Currently, the information technology industry in Korea is on the rise, with large corporations such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai … The communication industry is not simply an application in the field of television and advertising but also No matter what field you work, Communication will always be a great support.

Moreover, human resources in this industry are seriously deficient. Therefore, the opportunity for international students to find jobs here after finishing their studies is very open with the opportunity to advance in the future.

Korea’s leading IT training universities today are:

– Sungkyunkwan University

– Kaist University

– SoulTech University

4) Music, cinema

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ngành âm nhạc hàn quốc

Âm nhạc, điện ảnh 

In recent years, the influence of the Korean entertainment industry in the world has been increasing. When studying this discipline here, students have many opportunities to experience and comprehend valuable knowledge. There are many diverse disciplines such as director, media, marketing, filmmaking, graphic design, vocalist, actor …

If you are gifted in art, Korea is the right choice. for you because this is one of the strengths of this country. The arts such as music, dance, acting … are very popular and attract many international students to study here. Universities create conditions for students to develop the highest level of talent with the best, best-equipped facilities, as well as opportunities to participate in major international awards.

Korean famous art schools: Dongguk University, Myongji University, Sangmyung University, Chungng University, Sogang University or Sungkyunkwan University …

5) Make-up

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ngành make up


With today’s high demand for beauty, making Make-up specialty is a wise decision. Intensive courses on Makeup in Korea not only train you to make makeup for others but also provide in-depth knowledge of skin and cosmetics and knowledge of hairdressing and beauty. After graduation, you will become makeup specialists and get good career opportunities with decent salaries. The requirement when studying this discipline is not too high and the reasonable tuition fee attracts a lot of students to choose to study. Schools offer Make-up training programs (makeup) such as Seokyung University, Myongji College …

All the disciplines mentioned above are disciplines that are very hot in Korea. To get more accurate and detailed information, please come to ECOCOM to get the best advice.






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