You are rekindling the intention to study in Germany but still do not know where to start to choose the appropriate school? So why not decide from finding the city you want to live and learn the most?

Not only the capital of Berlin but also the city that Vietnamese students often choose to study, many other cities In Germany also has a great living environment and a large number of Vietnamese friends are always ready to help you.

Don’t miss this article because you may find your future city right here! Choosing a study abroad destination is more or less influenced by costs. On average, each international student will spend about 670 Euro for living expenses and this number depends a lot on the city in which you live and study. Apart from Berlin, these are the cities that Vietnamese and international students love the most

Munich (München)

Germany has long been famous for its Oktoberfest beer festival and München is the city associated with this unique festival. In 2015, Munich even surpassed Berlin in QS Best Student Cities rankings (rank 14). In addition, there are two top universities in the city, Technische Universität München (60th in the world leading universities and in Germany) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (rank 75 on Top universities in Germany and third in Germany).

Germany has long been famous for its Oktoberfest beer festival and München is the city associated with this unique festival. In 2015, Munich even surpassed Berlin in QS Best Student Cities rankings (rank 14). In addition, there are two top universities in the city, Technische Universität München (60th in the world leading universities and in Germany) and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (rank 75 on top universities in Germany and third in Germany).

Besides studying, students can also have more opportunities to find internships that practice close to reality because this is also the city The city focuses on the world’s leading companies such as Siemens, BMW, MAN AG, Linde, Allianz, Munich Re, Rohde & Schwarz insurance companies and a number of other corporations. beverage industry or brewing can be found to the world famous breweries such as Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Lowenbrau, and Franziskaner … or simply immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Oktoberfest in October every year at Theresienwiese – near the campus of the University of European Munich with the participation of more than six million people from all over the world

. When it comes to Munich, it is certainly an ideal destination for young sports enthusiasts, you will have many opportunities to cheer for one of the biggest football clubs in the world – Bayern Munich with 5 times for the Champions League. The only drawback to living in a big city like Munich is that you will pay a higher price than smaller cities like Leipzig.


The city with a lot of traditional values and a special festival is not inferior to Munich. You can find many relics of the Roman Empire in the heart of the center. The event of the son of the city, Johannes Gutenberg, invented the printing technique of letters that marked the end of the medieval period and was an important turning point in modern communication history. In addition, it is home to the ZDF TV channel with the legendary Mainzelmannchen mascot. Therefore, students studying abroad here can look for typical jobs such as customer service, cleaning or serving as a waiter or “running” for a variety of jobs in the Studio, at the film factory. and television shows.

Mainz is currently home to more than 40000 students studying at schools such as Johannes Gutenberg University (in the top 10 largest universities in Germany), 2 universities with applied subjects The focus is on Nursing and social work, engineering, design, and economy.

You can easily find a group of Vietnamese students in the city and even in school. In addition to studying there will also be many shopping and entertainment options for your student life here with a wide range of bustling neighborhoods, bars, cafés to museums or creative projects for you to participate in.

Neustadt District is currently the most popular habitat among students. ¼ of the total students live in this area, while in other parts of the city, the figure only accounts for 5%. One of the beautiful moments of the Mainz study that you should not miss? Stroll around the Rhein riverfront and wander the old town, the cathedral or weekly market bazaars to feel the friendly life and the fresh air of an old city.


The second largest city in Germany, the busiest port in the country, is also an industrial and media center with many unique buildings. Living in Hamburg is convenient with a wide range of services available to meet your academic, living and recreational needs.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If you are interested in this destination, you should not ignore Hamburg University, which is the 126th ranked school in the world and ranked 13th in Germany for the quality of training, this is also the third largest school in the country with more 40,000 students enrolled. The school has more than 170 major training programs, belonging to 6 faculty members. The school’s strengths are research and teaching in the fields of climate, cosmology, neurology, and linguistics.

The only sign language training program in Germany is also taught here, not to mention special languages such as ancient Yiddish German. Besides, the University of Technology (TUHH) is strong in shipbuilding, engineering, urban planning, and electrical engineering. TUHH is one of the outstanding schools with progressive thinking and interdisciplinary thinking. In addition, the THUU joint program with the Northern Institute of Technology also allows the school to provide a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

If you are interested in multimedia, information technology, and economic sectors and communication, the University of Applied Sciences can be a suitable “meeting point”. Meanwhile, HafenCity University Hamburg is a place to sharpen many talents in the field of architecture and urban development. The Master’s Program in Urban Design and Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning is one of the outstanding master’s programs of the school, along with many other attractive programs. , the “hottest” school in Hamburg is the University of Visual Arts with a wide selection of training programs for art and design students. The school has begun to be interested in digital media and digital art programs, but what makes the school more famous is its film school. Our students produce more than 10 quality films to attend annual film festivals


Cologne (German Koln) is located on the banks of the romantic Rhine River, are the 4th largest city and one of the oldest cities in Germany. With a history of more than 2000 years, Cologne is considered the land of churches and museums. Today, this is the main transit center of Western European countries, often chosen as the venue for international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thành phố Cologne

Not only is the tradition of Cologne, but also is considered the “city of festivals” with Ringfest music festival, Cologne comedy festival, Carnival festival. If you are a student of fun entertainment, then you will probably love Cologne.

The city is the location of the University of Cologne ranked 331st in the world and ranked 21 in Germany. The school offers a wide range of fields such as Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Management – Economics and Social Sciences, Law and Humanities, each of which has its own The study results are worthwhile.

Choosing to study in these big cities, you always have a Vietnamese student association willing to accompany you at any time – it is not as difficult as studying abroad.



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