There are countless great study destinations in the world to choose from, which is an obvious fact. However, why do we always advise young people who are still wondering about their decision to choose Australia? What is interesting about studying in Australia? In this article, let’s explore with ECOCOM!

The Australian economy is currently ranked 14th in the world. Australia has an economic strength and a strong relationship with surrounding Asian countries, including Vietnam. This has helped the Australian economy to remain stable and not be seriously affected by the 2008 global economic crisis in the past.

In addition to the world’s top quality education and comprehensive learning environment, Australia also offers a living environment of desirable quality not only for international students studying in Australia but also for anyone who arrives. here. Melbourne and Sydney are consistently ranked as the two most livable cities in the world.

Australia is a country famous for its beautiful natural landscapes and wild natural habitats of native animals. In the evenings or weekends, young Australians can temporarily leave their studies and jobs to explore the surrounding areas and enjoy the fresh air in the sea.

The number of animals in Australia will make you feel amazing, though they are very friendly and do not harm people. When your family and friends see photos posted on Facebook, they will surely be very jealous!

It has a fresh climate, pleasant weather, almost sunshine all year round, bringing the quality of life no city has. Instead of wishing you could live here when you retire, you can do it now by preparing an Australian study abroad today!

A strong economy means many good things for you, international students who will graduate and have a job search in Australia – Great working experience environment. Not to mention, Australian international students are allowed to work part-time while studying with the right to study abroad when they study abroad, helping them to pay more for their lives and gain experience and capital for the future.

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