One of the reasons why studying in Canada is so attractive to young people in Vietnam is that at least 2 years of studying and working in Canada, you can have the opportunity to settle permanently in the country. Red maple leaves. In this article, join IDP to learn about Canadian immigration in this fascinating study abroad path!

To apply for an Express Entry category, applicants will be assessed according to the immigration scoring system, which includes the following criteria and the minimum score required to achieve 67 points or more.

If you want to settle in Canada under this program, Canada international students must ensure that they meet the conditions like the age of 20 to 35 years old, have 1-year working experience, have a university degree and a certificate English IELTS 6.0 or above. Express Entry – The Canadian Government immigration program is designed to attract talented people who have a high level of education as well as a good foreign language to add high-quality human resources to the country’s labor market. Maple leaves.

This program is rated easier than Express Entry. With the Provincial Nomination, after graduating from a high-level training institution in Canada, students will receive a nomination from the provinces without work experience. However, in order to ensure this rate of immigration, you must pay attention to understanding and choosing to study in the priority areas that are settled in each province or province right from the start of studying abroad.

Objectively, the official settlement pathway for international students in Canada is quite simple and convenient compared to other countries. You just need to be sure you have good academic and foreign language skills and have a good career orientation before going to study abroad.

International students studying in Canada will often have the opportunity to settle in Canada after graduation according to two popular programs from the Canadian government. The first is Express Entry – the Canadian Government Settlement Program.

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