There are many reasons why Vietnamese students choose to do more when studying in the UK. In addition to earning more income, improving foreign language skills and the ability to integrate into the new environment, the experience accumulated in the process of doing more helps students easily apply for a job after graduation. Let’s find out what ECOCOM students choose when they study in the UK!

“I choose to serve in the restaurant. As soon as I came here, I took the initiative to look for work through my friends, mainly from previous years. My restaurant favored recruiting Asians, so I was easily accepted. British restaurants will often be more competitive. Each restaurant will offer a different salary, averaging around £ 7.4 / hour. I proactively arrange the time for the total overtime work to not exceed 20 hours/week, according to the regulations of the British government.

“I work as an interpreter for 2 companies, Premium Linguistic Service and Language Empire. This job has no fixed time. They will proactively text me in advance for 1 day – 1 month to see if it is accepted and then book yourself The content of the translation is usually a hospital translation, a dentist or a law office.

“Introduced from a previous locker, I worked as a housekeeper in a local hospital. The work here is not too hard and extremely safe, flexible working time and salaries are higher than the basic salary (about 50 pence/hour higher). Doing this job, I am guaranteed full pay weekly. However, the job application is quite demanding, the hospital requires DBS Check (Judicial Background) and Reference (letter of recommendation) from previously studied / working places but this is not a big problem either…

Working here, in addition to communicating with the staff in the hospital, I was able to talk to the patients, helping me somehow understand the lifestyle and culture of the natives. On the last day before returning home, I came to say goodbye to everyone and also managed the hospital favor for 1 week’s salary to buy gifts for my family.

You should have a unique strength to easily find a job when you study abroad. They prefer experienced people rather than eager to learn, but you can also be fortunate to be selected if you have good English with the ability to persuade employers. You should take advantage of existing relationships such as previous siblings, friends studying at school, … to easily find jobs. In addition, refer to reputable job referrals to avoid wasting time and effort and not being exploited for labor. In addition to doing extra work, keep in mind about learning because this is the main reason you come here, don’t get too into your work that makes learning worse. ”

Hopefully, the above information and advice from IDP students will help you understand more about working in the UK. Remember the first reason you choose to study in the UK is to study, not too far into extra work that affects learning!

I learned this job before going to England by going to Google Interpreter in Huddersfield or “West Yorkshire” and spreading the application in bulk. They will ask me to have a National Insurance Number and a DBS Check. Therefore, when I come to the UK, I have to do these 2 procedures because it will take a lot of time.

My advice to you is not to underestimate the restaurant service. Simple idea, but there is much to learn! Like how to manage and operate restaurants, as well as an organization. This is also part of my course. I used to work at a large Chinese restaurant and a small Japanese restaurant. And their management is completely different. Thanks to that, I have learned a lot. ”

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